Small Business

By taking the Home Office of  Interior Designer Erin, and setting her up in a new space in her home, I was able to work with a blank slate and incorporate existing and new elements to bring about a more efficient and productive workspace for Erin and her team.

Small Home Business

Faith, a Small Business Owner who shares an office with her husband was a little more challenging, however, together we were able to claim her area of the room and create a beautiful and productive space for her Home Business.

Law Firm File Room and Office Space

Working with the Office Manager, Dawn is always a joy! Due to the nature of this business, she maintains both a paper and digital office. A day was spent organizing the file room to best suit the needs of this Law Firm and then into the workspaces creating organized and productive individual desks for the Office Manager and Paralegal as well as the Attorney. 

Home Office

I was recently contacted by a friend who wasn't sure she would be a candidate for my services. She didn't own a business, however, she wanted her home office space where she paid bills etc. to be more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. I am excited to work with her to develop a space where running her home and finances will be more peaceful and less chaotic.