"As a small business owner and mother of two small children, efficiency is key to make the most of my work time. Carol has worked with me to help make my office not only efficient but also beautiful and calming. With her help, my work area is now a space that stores my supplies, has plenty of work space, and is aesthetically pleasing. Carol searched with me in stores as well as online until she found the perfect piece to house my many small tools. I am very grateful for her help making my office look more like a professional’s studio and less like a child’s craft table!"   Anonymous Small Business Owner

"I can't recommend Carol enough! I'm a small business owner who works from home with a husband

and 4 young children. My life comes with a certain level of chaos, and it showed in my office. I told Carol I needed to change locations in the house, and she came in, took charge of the situation, and got us so much more organized than we had been in so much less time than it would have taken me on my own. Now our office is extremely high functioning, I'm not living with a mess of papers, resources, and frustration, and it didn't involve me spinning my wheels and spending more time away from my family. Carol is worth every penny!!"  Owner of Faith Color Consulting, LLC

"I used Carol's services to "get organized" but she did a far more comprehensive job than I ever expected! Not only does my office space look neat and clean, but Carol simplified my record retention using her color coding technique and streamlined my daily tasks with some amazing software apps. I would highly recommend her for any organizing jobs, seamlessly handling virtual administration tasks and help with organizing my time."  Office Manager at Cooper Owen & Renner, PC